New 17 way AC/DC panel with digital volt and ammeter and RCBO
17 way AC & DC circuit breaker and switch panel with digital volts and amps meters. Fitted with 14 DC and 3 AC thermal, push-to-reset circuit breakers, alongside a red 'visi' rocker on/off control switch. Also 16 amp RCBO (residual current protection) and LEDs to show 'Correct Polarity' & 'Shore Support On'. Contactor for automatic switch-over.

Three illuminated LED digital meters showing DC volts & amps, and AC volts.

Circuit breaker ratings as standard are 2 x 5 amp, 2 x 8 amp, 5 x 10 amp, 2 x 15 amp, 2 x 20 amp, 1 x 25 amp but buyer can specify different ratings at time of purchase. Fully wired with DC shunt and AC terminal block rail and ready to fit. The panel is pre-printed with a popular selection of legends, but is also supplied with comprehensive self-adhesive legend sheet. Further legend sheets are also available from our shop. Additionally, a sheet of legends to suit motorhomes and/or horse boxes is also available. Please contact us for details

Panel dimensions (mm): 315W x 195H.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Axon Components. 35 years of experience in marine electrics.

Fully Wired. Fascia is marine grade aluminium with matt black finish.

17 way AC/DC panel with digital volt and ammeter and RCBO

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